2022-2023 RECRUITMENT: Lecteur/Lectrice/Maître de Langue

[UPDATE: For 2023-34, click here]

Bonjour !

Here are the lecteur/MDL job posts for 2022-23. For more information about what it’s like to work one these jobs, you can check out my 2018 blog post here (disclaimer: this is my own experience and of course others vary), or find several of the countless other posts available online. You’re also welcome to join our Facebook community on the “Lecteurs & Lectrices de Langues en France” page.

If you’re interested in official legal jargon, feel free to read through the specifications of these jobs here: “Décret n°87-754 du 14 septembre 1987 relatif au recrutement de lecteurs de langue étrangère et de maîtres de langue étrangère dans les établissements publics d’enseignement supérieur relevant du ministre chargé de l’enseignement supérieur.” It’s unnecessary, though, as universities will share their recruitment requirements.

A Note on Requirements: France has some odd hang ups when it comes to formation, so you might run into some sticky territory when it comes to a school’s education prerequisite. According to the décret, to be a MDL you need an M2 (Bac+5), or a completed master’s degree. To be a lecteur/lectrice, you need “une année d’études accomplie avec succès après l’obtention d’un titre ou d’un diplôme français ou étranger d’un niveau équivalent à celui du diplôme national de licence.” This is where things get confusing. Another way to say this is Bac + 4, which for the French (who have 3 year undergraduate programs), includes one year of a master’s degree (M1). Some schools equate a U.S. bachelor’s with a Bac + 3 even if was four years, but some accept a U.S. degree as a Bac + 4. When in doubt, email them and ask. The best is when it’s clearly stated on the job posting, but that’s not common. Regarding the language requirement, you do not always have to be a native speaker of the language, but you must speak the language as well as your mother tongue.

Pay: Around 1200 euros/month net as a lecteur/lectrice, and around 1550 euros/month net as a MDL. The salary is for 12 months and includes school vacations.

OK, now for the part you’ve been waiting for… THE JOB ANNOUNCEMENTS! The posts from each school are hyperlinked in the “Job/Language(s)” section for each establishment below.

All dates are written as DD/MM/YYYY, and posted in order of deadline, not in order of when the job announcement was found.


**Additional Posts, Missing Info**

Establishment: Angers University
Language/Job: English – Lecteur
Deadline: Unclear. Cannot track down official job post on university website. Likely past by now.

***Past due***

Establishment: Université Paris-Panthéon-Assas
Language/Job: English (“anglais juridique”) – Lecteur
Deadline: 19/05/2022 (must be mailed)

Establishment: Maison des Langues – Le Mans Université 
Language/Job: Lecteur – English
Deadline: 18/05/2022. Email address likely maisondeslangues@univ-lemans.fr

Establishment: Université de Lorraine – Metz
Language/Job: English – MdL
Deadline: 10/05/2022

Establishment: Université Perpignan Via Domitia
Language/Job: English (2), Spanish (2) – Lecteur
Deadline: 08/05/2022

Establishment: Université Grenoble Alpes
Language(s)/Job(s): English (7), Japanese (2), German, Chinese, Spanish (2- 1 Latin America, 1 Spain), Italian – Lecteur. English – MdL
Deadline: 30/04/2022

Establishment: Université des Antilles, Martinique
Language/Job: English – Lecteur
Deadline: 30/04/2022

Establishment: Université d’Orléans
Language(s)/Job: Spanish and English – Lecteur (1 each)
Deadline: 29/04/2022

Establishment: La Rochelle Université
Language(s)/Job(s): Chinese, English, Portugese, Korean – Lecteur and Contractuel
Deadline: 29/04/2022

Establishment: Université de Sorbonne Paris Nord (Paris 13)
Language/Job: English – MdLs and Lecteurs (“many posts susceptible to being vacant”)
Deadline: 29/04/2022

Establishment: Université de Toulon
Language(s)/Job: Spanish (2), English – MdL
Deadline: 28/04/2022

Establishment: Université de Picardie Jules Verne (Amiens and Beauvais sites)
Language(s)/Job(s): German, English, Chinese, Spanish (2), Italian, Portugese – Lecteur. English, Spanish – Maitre de Langue (both at Beauvais site)
Deadline: 22/04/2022

Establishment: Paris Nanterre
Language(s)/Job(s): English (15), Spanish (5), German (4), Russian (3), Portuguese (2), Italian, and Arabic – Lecteur. English (2), Greek, and Arabic – MdL
Deadline: 22/04/2022 at 4pm

Establishment: Université de Bordeaux
Language(s)/Job: Spanish (2), English (5-6) – Lecteur
Deadline: 21/04/2022

Establishment: Université Gustave Eiffel (Marne-la-Vallée)
Language/Job(s): English – Lecteur and MdL
Deadline: 20/04/2022

Establishment: Université de Montpellier
Language/Job: English – Lecteur (5)
Deadline: 19/04/2022

Establishment: L’ UFR lettres de l’Université de Bretagne Occidentale
Language/Job: English – Lecteur
Deadline: 15/04/2022

Establishment: Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3
Language(s)/Job: Portugese (2) and English – Lecteur
Deadline(s): 15/04/2022 and 31/03/2022

Establishment: Université de Bourgogne, IUT (Dijon)
Language/Job: English – Lecteur
Deadline: 15/04/2022

Establishment: Université Paris-Panthéon-Assas
Language/Job: English – MdL (anglais juridique)
Dealine: 12/04/2022

Establishment: Université Paris-Panthéon-Assas
Language/Job: English – MdL (“maître de langue en anglais  économique/information-communication”)
Deadline: 12/04/2022

Establishment: Université de Tours
Language(s)/Job: German, English, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese – Lecteur
Deadline: 05/04/2022 by 11:59pm

Establishment: Inalco
Language/Job(s): Japanese – Lecteur and MdL
Deadline: 04/04/2022

Establishment: Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour
Language/Job: English (2) – Lecteur
Deadline: 01/04/2022 at 4pm

Establishment: Université Lyon III Jean Moulin
Language(s)/Job: English, Chinese, Korean, Italian, Japanese – Lecteur
Deadline: 30/03/2022

Establishment: Université de Strasbourg – INSPÉ
Language/Job: English – MdL (link coming soon)
Deadline: 25/03/2022

Establishment: Université d’Aix-Marseille
Language/Job: Italian – Lecteur
Deadline: 25/03/2022

Establishment: Université de Reims
Language/Job: English – Lecteur (Note: Email addresses are incomplete. Add @univ-reims.fr)
Deadline: 23/03/2022

Establishment: Université de Strasbourg – Fac de Droit
Language/Job: English – MdL
Deadline: 22/03/2022

Establishment: Université de Poitiers
Language/Job: English – “Des lecteurs
Deadline: 20/03/2022

Application details: Email Nicolas Videau (nicolas.videau@univ-poitiers.fr) with a cover letter, a copy of your most recent diploma, a copy of your passport, and 4 ID photos.

Establishment: Nantes Université – Nantes and La Roche-sur-Yon
Language/Job: English – Lecteur(s)
Deadline: 18/03/2022

Establishment: Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3
Language(s)/Job(s): English – Lecteur and MdL. See website link, and scroll down to parts 2 and 3.
Deadline: 15/03/2022

Establishment: INSA – Université Polytechnique des Hauts-de-France
Language(s)/Job: English – Lecteur (see details below)
Deadline: 15/03/2022

Application details since I cannot link the downloaded PDF: Send a CV (in English and French), Cover Letter (English and French, addressed to Sylvie Petitjean), Passport, Translated Birth Certificate, Translated Diplomas, and an “Attestation sur l’honneur” stating that you have held no previous position as a lecteur/lectrice in France to sylvie.petitjean@uphf.fr.

Establishment: Université de Strasbourg – LEA
Language/Job: English – Maitre de Langue
Deadline: 12/03/2022

Establishment: Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1
Language/Job: English – Lecteur
Deadline: 11/03/2022

Establishment: ENS Lyon
Language(s)/Job(s): English (4), Arabic, Spanish (2), Portuguese – Lecteur. English – MdL
Deadline: Pré-candidature – 07/03/2022 by 4pm. Application – 10/03/2022 by 4pm.

Establishment: Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès
Language/Job: English (4) – Lecteur
Deadline: 07/03/2022

Establishment: Université de Strasbourg – LEA
Language/Job: German – Maitre de Langue
Deadline: 22/02/2022

Establishment: ESIREIMS
Language/Job: English – Lecteur (see details below)
Deadline: 11/02/2022

Application details since I cannot link the downloaded PDF: Send your CV and cover letter in French (addresed to the Directeur, M. Serge ODOF) to julie.lata-martonyik@univ-reims.fr

Establishment: Bordeaux Montaigne
Language(s)/Job(s): English, Spanish, Portugese (2), Italian (2), Russian, German, Arabic, Chinese (4), and Japanese (4) – Lecteur (separate post for English lecteur opening). English (X13) – Contractuel
Deadline: 09/02/2022


10 thoughts on “2022-2023 RECRUITMENT: Lecteur/Lectrice/Maître de Langue

  1. Thank you so much for this Emily, it’s so kind of you! I’ve seen you’ve said that l’Université de Strasbourg INSPÉ are looking for an MdL and I am really keen to apply, but I can’t find the job advertised online. Is there any chance you could point me in the right direction, please? 🙂


    1. Hello! It looks like the university still hasn’t posted it, but if you join us on our Facebook page (linked in the intro), you can find a PDF of it on there. Just be sure to answer the questions when requesting to join the group.


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